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Kärcher Brazil is the only factory located in Latin America, and throughout the country with more than 500 technical service points capable of offering to its client’s comprehensive maintenance, spare parts and accessories. Ninety percent of deliveries occur within a 24-hour period. Worldwide the number of service positions exceeds the number of 36,000 units which assures Kärcher’s customers with technical support on all its lines.


Since 1963 Balflex has performed in the manufacture of industrial and hydraulic hoses, covers an extensive variety of low, medium, high and very high pressure hoses, rubber, polyurethane, stainless steel, with textile reinforcement, in steel or aramid fibers, to meet the most varied applications.


Facom specializes in tools and equipment for the automotive, aviation, electrical engineering, electronics, marine and industrial sectors; The Facom brand’s products are distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide. The tools are produced by Facom Tools, of French origin, a leader in hand and mechanical tools, and designs, manufactures and sells the majority of its tools for specialized professionals.


The Orion Technology is present in several segments: Industrial, Automotive, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Civil Construction, PPEs and Services. Based on the quality of products and services, Orion holds several awards received from leading companies in Brazil, besides having been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

SBU Metalbras

SBU Metalbras produces brass connections for sealing nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, soft annealed copper, aluminum and brundy tubes. Quality system implemented in accordance with ISO 9001/200 and the winning of several quality awards are behind good service and satisfaction that reaches the market, ensuring the supply of brass connections with the highest quality, for the most demanding consuming markets.


Schioppa received the ISO9001, a worldwide quality certification. But for those who know that the highest quality that for over 50 years follows the production of all its lines, always seeking the best for its products, this certificate is no surprise. It only justifies the quality and modernity known worldwide of Schioppa wheels and casters and this is indeed our greatest achievement: its respect and admiration.


Sinalize is a pioneer in the segment of "housed boards", where it held its lead until these days. Our goal is to offer consumers a wide variety of high quality plates with prompt delivery. Through our product line, the consumer easily acquires a signal with high durability, great convenience in use and a look that harmonizes any environment.


In 1975, it is inaugurated the factory hoses in Jacareí, São Paulo, with production start in 1976. With the acquisition by The Gates Rubber Company, of Uniroyal Power Transmission Company business, at worldwide level, in 1985, Uniroyal Produtos Industriais Ltda. with a factory in Rio Claro, started to integrate the GATES group, producing synchronizing belts, and in 1987 was incorporated by Gates do Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda.


With a complete line, with over 60 types of hoses, it serves the most diverse markets: domestic, industrial, automotive, agricultural, civil construction and mining, meeting the most specific needs for each use, such as resistance to abrasives and pressure, flexibility, lightness, etc.


In the globalized market, Metalquip aims at meeting the needs of its customers, providing safety and quality in hydraulic terminals and thus prosper as a business, being the best market alternative, with quality and cost-benefit in hydraulic terminals and adapters. Technical responsibility, corporate transparency, corporate and personal trustworthiness, commitment, continuity, perseverance and faith..


For over 50 years Bozza has operated in the lubrication segment, providing quality products and services, respecting the environment and contributing to the country's growth.

Schulz S.A.

The constant investments, as well as the bold goals of Schulz S.A., allow to not only keeping its leadership in the segment of alternative piston and diaphragm air compressors, but also act strongly in the line of screw compressors, in addition to continually evolve in the segment of melted and machined components for the automotive sector.


Founded in 1995, REXON responded to the increasing market demand for industrial products, offering rubber products and personal protective equipment (PPE), distributed across a network comprised by partner companies equipped to meet every need of its clients.

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